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Seminary Furnishing Project

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"God works in mysterious ways"

In February of 2005, I was holidaying near Puerto Plata, a city on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

I attended mass while there and heard a brief presentation about a new seminary under construction nearby in the Diocese of Puerto Plata. The presentation was given by Grace Gallagher, a retired teacher from Buffalo, U.S.A.

Grace now resides in the Dominican Republic. She is employed by the diocese to teach English to the priests and seminarians. Grace involves herself in fundraising for the seminary and other projects such as arranging for health and dental care for the poor.

After mass I discussed the seminary project with Grace and learned that the construction was near completion and she was seeking donations to purchase interior furnishings. I felt drawn to the project and asked for a tour of the seminary which Grace did provide. I expressed interest in the furnishing requirements of the seminary and from that time have been in communication with Grace gathering details and specifications.

During the past months I have shared my experience with a number of parishioners who have expressed interest in the seminary project.

I recently returned to the Dominican Republic accompanied by a fellow parishioner, Caroline Hicks. I wanted another individual to share my observations, meet the people, assist me in my decision to proceed or not and bring the story home to others.

Vocations are very precious to me. With prayer, discernment and relying on faith I made a commitment to the diocese of Puerto Plata.
I gave my word that I would see to it that the furniture be supplied as a gift.

This is not my project...

God has shared a dream with me to share with others.

Michael Byrne

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