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Seminary Furnishing Project

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New Seminary
Photos from the Interior and Exterior of the Seminary.

Photos of examples of required furnishings.

The Diocese of Puerto Plata (erected in 1996) is along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic.

The diocese is building a new seminary. As of June 2005, exterior and interior construction of the main building is complete. This structure provides accommodation and two classrooms for thirty two seminarians. There are two other classrooms that will be used as temporary kitchen, dining room and administration offices.

Completion of this phase requires interior furnishings and supplies which include beds, desks, work stations, bookshelves and other cabinetry.

Further construction will involve two additional buildings. One will provide a permanent chapel and the other will provide a kitchen and dining room, administration offices and additional accommodations for seminarians. These additional projects are dependent upon the success of future funding.

The diocese has also built twelve chapels located in remote areas of the diocese. This was done to enable regular celebration of the Eucharist in those areas. These chapels require various furnishings such as pews, ambos and alters.

The Dominican Republic is a Third World Country that is 95% Catholic (Photius Coutsoukis 2005). The country is in economic chaos and ravaged in poverty. Learn more about the Dominican Republic.

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