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Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is a country in need.

To better understand the part of the world that is the current focus of Angels in the Workshop, learn about economic, sociological and geographic information concerning the Dominican Republic.

Additionally, specific information for Puerto Plata (the location of the seminary) and Sosua (the location of the Parish chapels) is provided.

Dominican Republic

Economic Situation

Dominican Republic Flag While the country's economy has experienced growth, the Dominican Republic suffers from extreme income inequality: the poorest half of the population acquires less than 20% of the national income, whereas the wealthiest 10% savor over 40% of the GNP (webDominicana 2005). As a result, the country is ravished in poverty. 28.6% of the population in the Dominican Republic lives below the national poverty line (LexisNexis 2004).
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Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
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Sociological Situation

The official language in the Dominican Republic is Spanish.

The total population size of the Dominican Republic is ~8.9 Million (The World Fact Book 2005). Approximately 95% of that population is Roman Catholic (Photius Coutsoukis 2005).

The Dominican Republic is a third world country struggling with many social issues. For example, within their population: Compared to Canada:
  • 2.5% of adults in the Dominican Republic are infected with the HIV virus (vs. .3% in Canada)
  • In the Dominican Republic, the percent of households with access to:
    • potable water = 75%
    • sewage connection = 80%
    • telephone = 71%
    • wastewater treatment = 80%
    vs. ~ 100% of all households in Canada.
  • (LexisNexis 2004)

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Geographic Situation

The Dominican Republic is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The total land area is 48,730 km squared and the coastline is 1,288 km (The World Fact Book 2005)

Due to its location, the Dominican Republic is subject to natural disastors including hurricanes (Hurricane George) and floods.
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